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The plastic surgery community and the FDA continue to be diligent with identifying and tracking reported cases of BIA-ALCL.  The most recent update from the FDA reports 400 documented cases worldwide.  BIA-ALCL ( breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma) is a rare lymphoma that can occur in the scar tissue capsule surrounding a textured implant ( not the breast itself).  The presentation of a patient with ALCL around the implant is someone that has ( or had) a textured shell implant and develops fluid build-up years later around the implant.  There have been NO reported cases in patients that have had only smooth shell breast implants ( the overwhelming majority of implants used). The treatment in most cases has been to simply remove the implant and scar capsule.  Currently, the suspected occurrence rate in women with a textured implant in the US is 1:30,000.  In a smooth implant, the suspected occurrence rate is 1:5,000,000 + since there has not been a documented case in a smooth shell device.  For more information, please visit the ASPS information website (

Mentor has added a new range of silicone implants to their product lines that can help provide more fullness and maintain shape while still keeping the soft and natural feel of their existing implants.  They are called the Xtra implants ( Moderate Plus Xtra and High Profile Xtra) and were launched in October of 2017.  After using a lot of them in the past few months, the results are very positive at the three month post-operative time period.  They feel soft and natural while providing more shape for those patients who want a little more fullness in the upper part of the breasts.

Juvederm has recently added another product to its filler line.  Ideally for fine lines and to enhance the lips in subtle ways, VOLBELLA ( is a nice adjunct to the current fillers.  Most of the fillers are slightly too thick for finer wrinkles.  VOLBELLA helps fill that void by being a thinner product for fine lines, but lasts up to a year like regular Juvederm. So far the response has been very positive. 

One of the latest non-invasive plastic surgery discussions center on an injection to help remove unwanted fat in the chin area.  The treatment is called Kybella (  In those patients who meet the criteria, it appears to remove localized fat in the under chin area.  It involves a series of injections into the area, usually over two treatment settings spaced a few weeks apart. This is just coming to market after FDA approval and providers are getting trained in its use, so stay tuned.  However, the cost is roughly on par with liposuction to that area, and while it is minimally invasive, there is still swelling/ recovery involved and may not address the entire neck area if needed. 

Out of London, a group of plastic surgeons has identified what is most commonly seen as the ideal breast size and shape.  With roughly 1300 participants in the study, the perceived ideal breast shape was more of a natural look.  This is not surprising at all, since 95% of our patients who come in for a breast augmentation all say the same thing - they want to look good and restore/ enhance their volume, but still look pretty natural.  The common media portrayal of breast augmentation patients are that women want to look round and fake, and that men prefer that as well.  This is far from the truth and good to see actual data to support this.

Summer is upon us!  Time to repair and hydrate your damaged skin. We are carrying a skin care line out of Geneva, Switzerland called Teoxane. ( It is popular in Europe and is just making its way to the US market for select providers.  We are the only providers in the Northern Illinois/ Chicago metropolitan area to be carrying it due to the provider rights.  It contains Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid, the same component in Juvederm and Restylane, but is used topically to enhance the skin quality and fullness by penetrating right into the skin cells.  It is the only hyaluronic acid topical product line with cross linked molecules, allowing the results to penetrate deeper into the skin layers and provide real results.  We are carrying the RHA serum, the Deep Repair Balm, as well as the Age Defense Cream.  The Age Defense Cream has a built in anti-aging molecule as well. Patients see and feel a noticeable difference in their skin, and it is ideal as an adjunct to Botox or fillers.  The Repair Balm is the perfect tool for post injection and post facial surgery recovery.  So far, the RHA serum has been the most popular.

When it comes to breast implants, Mentor has the best implant warranty in the business (  All three manufacturers warranty the silicone gel implants for lifetime replacement, as well as cover up to $3500 towards surgery costs in the first ten years.  Now, Mentor is covering capsular contracture financially in the first ten years as well, an industry first.  If you develop capsular contracture ( scar tissue internally around the implant), they will replace the implants and cover up to $3500  It is part of their new enhanced warranty, and you can read the details at  It is an additional $300 to the company afterwards, but well worth it.

With the anatomically shaped silicone gel breast implants now on the market, the question that arises is this - are they better?  Well, it just depends on what you are looking for.  They are ideal for breast reconstruction, but in breast augmentation, they have their limitations.  They require a much bigger incision for placement ( 3.5cm average for a regular smooth round silicone gel implant vs 6cm for an anatomically shaped silicone gel implant), and do not act like a regualr breast does with movement.  They are slightly firmer, and because they are textured, do not move at all.  In a patient that is very thin and has no breast tissue, these would then work better, but in a patient that has even a little actual breast tissue, these are not my first choice.

We work with Carecredit ( for patient financing. It is the largest patient financing company and is a division of GE. The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) has developed a partnership with them to make it easier for patients to obtain financing for both aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. The application process is easy and can be done online. We have had a lot of positive repsonses from patients on the ease of the application and the terms of the loans.


Case of the Month

The patient is a 31 year old female who is 5'5 and weighs 135lbs.  She underwent a full submuscular breast augmentation years ago by someone else and was not happy with her results.  She felt that her breasts pulled off to the sides too much, and with any type of movement would cause the deformity below.  She underwent an exchange of her implants to new Mentor 425cc smooth round silicone gel implants, conversion from full submuscular to the dual plane position, and internal lateral pocket reinforcement with Strattice ADM ( acellular dermal matrix).   She is now five years out from surgery and extremely happy with the results so far.






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