by cnaponelli May 9, 2019 Dr. Pelletiere was recommended to me by a friend that got a breast augmentation from him a few years ago. I loved the way her breasts looked after the surgery and she highly recommended him. Scheduling a consultation was easy and quick and scheduling the procedure was even quicker. He were very clear on how to prepare for the surgery and what to do after also. Everything he told me in the consultation was true and I absolutely love my outcome!


Dr. Pelletiere was amazing. I have never had any prior plastic surgery and a friend referred me to his office. His staff and he were great and made me feel very comfortable. I gained over 100 lbs while pregnant with my daughter 12 years ago and although I was successful in losing the weight, I had a lot of excess skin left over. Dr. Pelletiere had a lot to work with and did an amazing job. For the first time in 12 years I felt comfortable in my own skin and confident. I had a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Pelletiere was just as responsive post surgery as we was pre. He sincerely cares for his patients and listens carefully as to what they are looking for. I am grateful for what he has done for me!

EW80 - April 15th, 2017

March 30 2019 I went back to Dr. Pelletiere for my third breast augmentation this past January.

I have always had a long term goal of reaching 2000-2500cc's. So far, at 1500cc's now, I am beyond pleased with the results and excited to do another surgery to get closer to my goal size.

Dr. Pelletiere obviously listened to what I wanted, and through emailing back and forth several times, we were able to set a realistic goal and know what to expect for the surgery.

Now I'm a couple months out and I am involve with how they look. He achieved the shape and look I was wanting as well as the position of the implants.

I will always refer him as much as I can because I know he will take care of his patients and do an excellent job!


I decided to go to Christopher V. Pelletiere, who specializes in plastic & reconstructive surgery. Initially I was extremely nervous. I knew I wanted a breast augmentation for years , however, I was also well informed on horror stories you read/see on television shows like "botched". After doing extensive research (and I do mean EXTENSIVE) I came across Chris. After reading multiple reviews and personally talking to one of his patients (I was lucky enough to know someone who he had also worked on) my mind was made up and I proceeded to call and schedule a consultation. From the moment he walked in the room it was evident he had a sense of calmness and assurance to him that put me at ease. It was also very clear he knew what he was doing and very well prepared and educated himself. NOW to get to the nitty gritty. I decided to go with 400cc L and 425cc R, dual-p, moderate plus. I was so nervous they would come out too large or too small... Or in my case with having my right breast slightly smaller vs. the left it would magnify the issue of having different side breast (something almost all women suffer from) I was SO WRONG!!! I am a perfectionist and have always been my worst critic my breasts turned out immaculate. I could not say enough good things about this doctor from his bedside manor to his professionalism throughout this entire process. My breast look amazing I have never felt so much confidence. If you are even considering getting this procedure performed Christopher V. Pelletiere is the "Go to". 

Lorig098 May 4th, 2017

Dr. Pelletiere did my breast augmentation, and I couldn't be happier with the experience or the results. I interviewed four surgeons before choosing Dr. Pelletiere. I appreciated his professionalism, guidance and patience with my many questions. By the day of the surgery, I felt comfortable that I was in very capable hands. He understood what look I was going for and helped me choose a size and shape that was right for my petite, athletic frame. I love my new look and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. If you're considering Dr. Pelletiere for your surgery, I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed.

JenM -May 7th, 2017

by Jennifer from Alaska on Jul 17th, 2015

I had flown all the way from Alaska to see this surgeon. I had done my homework and then some. I can't even begin to explain how nervous I was when I first arrived for my consultation. Then when Christopher came into the patient room and introduced himself, he made me feel very welcome and completely at ease right away. He has a great sense of humor and a great bedside manner. I am so happy with my decision to have had him perform my surgery and I am more than thrilled with the results.

Jennifer, July 2015

May 17th, 2015

I recently had breast augmentation surgery to restore the fullness in my breasts. After 2 kids who nursed I didn't like how deflated my breasts looked. After meeting with Dr. Chris I felt very comfortable as he answered all my questions. I had surgery April 1st, 2015 on my 45th Birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday present. I love my new breasts. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery check out Dr. Chris. You won't be disappointed.


by Donna on May 13th, 2015

I had gotten a breast augmentation with another doctor and it turned out beautifully, however, I wanted a bit more fullness. My original surgeon has never and will never use the UHP implants, which were the only style I could fit. His office uses a patient coordinator as a go-between and though she relayed his refusal in a polite manner, his parting advice to me was incredibly rude and offensive. I was afraid to find another surgeon. But then I read reviews on Dr. Pelletiere and decided to email him to see what was possible for me. He said he would need to see me for an examination to determine what was possible for me. I decided it was worth the trip, coming from the eastern edge of Michigan. My experience was so different from my previous PS. The entire consultation was spent WITH Dr Pelletiere. There are no patient coordinators. Everything is handled professionally, comfortably, and thoroughly with the doctor himself. My husband and I were at ease instantly. Dr. Pelletiere answered every question and proved his knowledge in a casual, humorous way. He makes it so easy to travel, cutting down on unnecessary trips. He is completely accessible any time of day, even weekends. Anytime I email him, I get a response from him personally, within a couple hours. The surgery was done in the office, under twilight sedation, which I preferred greatly to the general that was used with my previous surgeon in a surgery center. Everything about my experience was superior and my results are outstanding! Even now, nearly 3 months post-op, I still get the immediate responses from the doctor with any questions I have; he even helped me get the extended warranty coverage. He is an excellent doctor with a wonderful bedside manner and I am so grateful to have found him. He values your health and safety and will never give a patient whatever they are asking for, without first assessing if it is safe. This is so important as there are many surgeons who don't worry about long term outcomes. Dr. Pelletiere is the ONLY doctor I trust and I will highly recommend him to anyone seeking a breast augmentation. And if/when I need to have surgery again, I am definitely going back to Dr. Pelletiere. He is simply wonderful.


Love love love!!!! I can't say enough nice things about him!! So happy with my BA only thing is I definitely want bigger!! He's an excellent doctor. My dads also a MD and I used to say he was the best doctor in the world. Well he still is ill just put Dr Pelletiere at a close second! Can't wait for my revision next year!!!


•2 years ago

I have truly enjoyed my experience from start to finish with Dr. Chris Pelletiere. I wanted a breast augmentation for many years but struggled to find "the one" that would make me comfortable enough to go through with it. I was frightened to go into surgery because I had never gone under the knife but when I met Dr. Pelletiere I knew I'd be in good hands. His education, experience, keen eye to detail and demeanor reassured me that I could get the results I desired. I am two weeks post op and couldn't be happier. Just as I would with my friends and family, I highly recommend you see him for any procedure you are considering. You'll be happy you did!


•1 month ago

Dr. Christopher has such a wonderful demeanor and explains without rushing yet doesn't drag everything out! I arrived very early and he was able to take me which was awesome! The needles were not fun but just 1 day later I can see it is and will be even more worth it. He injected in my forehead and around my eyes. NO bruising No bad effects at all. Trusting your doctor is so great I have no hesitation with Dr. Christopher especially after he did an amazing job on my breasts. He is truly gifted.


Sweet heat
•2 months ago

Dr. P. Made me feel very comfortable and has great bedside manner and does amazing work. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend him.


by Leslie on Jul 8th, 2014

I can't say more positive things about Dr. Pelletiere. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and it devastated me. I am only 36 and a divorced mother of two, and never thought I would be able to look normal, let along great when it comes to my breasts after having them removed. Dr. Pelletiere walked me through every possible option, and after undergoing a double mastectomy, he reconstructed my breasts with expanders and implants. It has been a long journey, but I finally am whole again and feel comfortable with the way I look ( as well as cancer free!!)


by JN on Feb 9th, 2014

Seriously, words can not desribe how lucky I feel to have met Dr. Chris Pelletiere. I have found him to be one of the most skillfull, kind, patient, knowledgable and supportive of doctors. From the initial consultation and through the 2 surgeries, I have the upmost respect for him and the office staff! Appointments are easily made, wait times are essentially non existant and quick reponse times to questions or concerns are given.


•5 months ago

If I have another procedure or relive my surgery I would do it all over again with Dr. Pelletier. He makes you feel comfortable, makes appropriate funny jokes, never makes you feel rushed, answers all questions in person or e-mail, and gives amazing results!


by Nichole w. on Aug 17th, 2013

I'm very excited to write this review. It's been about 3 months from my breast augmentation surgery with dr Chris. This was my reward to myself for losing 40 lbs, however, I've never had surgery before. To say i was nervous was an understatement! I was referred to dr Chris from a close friend who had the surgery a year before. Dr Chris and I stayed in touch via email and phone calls because i live in another state than dr Chris. I was so confident that dr Chris was the doc for my first ever surgery, that after many emails and questions from me, I finally scheduled the surgery with my very patient doc! The staff was helpful and made me feel comfortable even though I was so nervous I was crying before the surgery! It's was all worth it, because I am so happy with my results! Everything dr Chris said would happen and would look is exactly what I've experienced. I've now referred a couple of my friends to dr Chris. It was worth the long drive and hotel stay to go to him!


I had several surgical procedures done by Dr. Chris, one of them being breast reoncstruction after a double mastectomy. This procedure is not easy, especially when radiation was involved. He tried his best to correct some imperfections with a lot of patience, which took a while but certain procedures just cannot be rushed. I am pleased with the results. Dr. Chris is very professional, highly knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manner. He is also clear and thorough with his explanations and is generous with his time. My experience was spectacular and I recommend him without hesitation. Also, his staff are very friendly and nice.


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